The importance of 3D drawings in mechanical design and manufacturing

The importance of 3D drawings in mechanical design and manufacturing

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In recent years, mechanical design and manufacturing have developed rapidly, and the requirements for making mechanical design drawings are getting higher and higher. Traditional 2D drawings are gradually replaced by 3D drawings in industrial design and production because they cannot three-dimensionally display the effect of mechanical parts. In this article, we will take you to understand the concept of 3D drawings and commonly used software, as well as the importance of 3D drawings in mechanical design.


In modern industrial production and mechanical design, it is necessary to manufacture and construct according to drawings. Designers understand the structure and performance of machinery and equipment through drawings, and then operate, repair or maintain them. Compared with 2D drawings, 3D drawings can greatly increase the design speed of designers, improve the design quality of products to a large extent, and greatly guarantee the three-dimensional effect of the design and the integrity of the design. At the same time, 3D software can well reflect the appearance and surface design of mechanical design products, so 3D drawings are the media and tools for communicating and transmitting technical information and ideas. It can be seen that 3D drawings play an important role in mechanical design and manufacturing, and are commonly used in engineering circles. technical language.


3D drawing refers to the use of 3D drawing software, using a certain drawing method, and according to the actual size of the mechanical product, digitize the three-dimensional mechanical product in the drawing software. The content of mechanical drawing design is geometric graphics, which is the extension and application of two-dimensional graphics, and plays an extremely important role in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation. The traditional 2D drawings represented by CAD can no longer meet the increasing requirements of mechanical design. The 3D model has a broader application prospect in the digitalization of mechanical 3D drawings because of its more three-dimensional drawing effect.
Common mechanical 3D drawing software mainly include: Pro/E, UG, solidworks, Catia, etc. Most of these software can be used in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing, especially in the design industries such as molds, automobiles, and mechanical parts. Surface design of 3D design and The parametric driving feature of appearance modeling has changed the design habits and thinking of practicing designers to a large extent, making the product design process closely connected with the final product.


Help to solve practical problems

The 3D drawing is improved, optimized and perfected on the basis of the previous 2D drawing. It is a reform of drawing technology. It can not only improve the working efficiency of the staff, reduce the error, but also has strong practicability and can clearly The mechanical equipment that needs to be expressed is drawn in detail, which is convenient for practical application and solves practical problems, so that the viewer can clearly understand the content represented by the drawing at a glance.

Helps improve drawing efficiency and quality

Use drawing tools to draw basic graphics such as straight lines, curves, circles, and polygons, and create three-dimensional graphics, and the drawing auxiliary tools can provide flexible functions such as orthogonality, object snapping, polar axis tracking, and snapping tracking for drafting work. The operator can apply and master it proficiently. Therefore, compared with two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional drawing is more efficient, and using functions such as rotation view and measuring distance in three-dimensional software can make observers have a clear understanding of the designed mechanical parts.

To sum up, with the continuous development and maturity of mechanical design and manufacturing technology and the continuous development of drawing software, traditional 2D drawings have been difficult to meet the requirements of modern digital. Therefore, 3D drawings will gradually be popularized in the field of mechanical design.

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