Quick Look at the Five Most Common Ways to Knurl the Bore

Quick Look at the Five Most Common Ways to Knurl the Bore

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Inner hole knurling is a form of machine tool knurling, which is mainly processed in the inner hole of the product. Due to the relatively small number of application scenarios, it is impossible to observe the knurling effect in time, resulting in relatively high processing difficulty.

However, the process of inner hole knurling is constantly improving. Currently, there are five most common processing methods. This article will take you to understand these five inner hole knurling methods, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Single wheel cutting inner hole knurling tool

By using this type of tool to apply the cutting knurling principle to the inner hole knurling, the knurling is clearer and the finish is higher. Even high-hardness, thick-walled products can be knurled smoothly. While protecting the machine tool

Advantages: Improve the effects of inner hole knurling in all aspects, wider processing applications, more scientific force protection for machine tools

Disadvantages: need to reserve cutting slots

Internal cooling single-wheel extrusion knurling cutter with inner hole

The internal cooling system is added to the traditional inner hole single-wheel extrusion knurling tool, which can accurately and timely deliver the coolant to the processing part during the working process, which solves the problem that the inner hole processing coolant is difficult to deliver, thereby improving The effect of inner hole knurling is achieved.

Advantages: Allow the coolant to cool the machining position in time for precise cutting.

Double wheel inner hole extrusion knurling tool

The double-wheel inner hole extrusion knurling tool is a knurling tool designed to realize long-distance knurling in the inner hole. The design of the double wheel enables the tool to run in the inner hole. Like the outer circle knurling, it can process 30-degree or 45-degree reticulation.

Advantages: realize inner hole cutting, can process longer texture

Disadvantages: Insufficient stability, there may be random flowering, and it is difficult to find.

Ordinary single-wheel extrusion inner hole knurling

Ordinary extruded knurling tool, vertical design, according to the size of the inner hole to change the size of the knurling tool holder. Generally, only materials such as copper and aluminum can be processed.

Advantages: easy to use, can move around when processing straight knurling, but the walking distance is limited

Disadvantages: Lack of rigidity when processing high hardness materials, not stable enough.

Reinforced single-wheel inner hole extrusion knurling cutter

The reinforced single-wheel inner hole extrusion knurling tool has a thicker overall structure and better rigidity, and can process harder materials.

Advantages: better rigidity, more stable performance in knurling engineering than ordinary

Disadvantage: unable to process products with relatively small inner holes

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