The division and principle of CNC machining process

The division and principle of CNC machining process

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In the process of communicating with suppliers, you may often see the process, station and step written on the work order. Among them, the process refers to the process that one or a group of workers continuously completes a workpiece at a fixed work place. In this process, the parts are usually split before starting processing.

So what is the principle of separation? Generally, there are three methods, namely: tool centralized sorting method, machining part sorting method, rough and finishing sorting method.

In this article, we will take you to understand these three process sequencing methods, and the principles we should follow when arranging processes in actual processing.

Process sequence method

1. Tool centralized sorting method

The NC tool centralized sorting method of the NC machining process refers to the use of tools to divide the process. Use one knife to machine all the machinable parts of the part, and then use the second knife and the third knife to complete the other parts that can be machined. In this way, the number of tool changes can be reduced, the idle travel time can be compressed, and many unnecessary positioning errors can be reduced.

2. Processing part sorting method

In the CNC machining process, the method of dividing the processing part means that for the parts with too much processing content, the processing part can be divided into several parts according to their structural characteristics, such as curved surface, inner shape and plane, etc. In the process of CNC machining, the plane, the positioning surface and the hole are generally processed first. Simple shapes are processed first, then complex geometric shapes are processed, and the parts with low precision are machined first, and then the parts with high precision are machined.

3. Rough/finishing sequence method

Roughing and finishing can be used as a sorting method in CNC machining. For parts that are easily deformed in the process of CNC machining, they are easily deformed after rough machining, and often need to be corrected, so generally speaking, rough machining and finishing need to be separated.

Therefore, when dividing the process in CNC machining, it is necessary to flexibly grasp the structure and craftsmanship of the parts and the function of the machine tool, the amount of CNC machining content of the parts, the number of installations and the production organization of the unit. In addition, it should be determined according to the actual situation, whether to adopt the principle of process concentration or the principle of process dispersion in CNC machining.

Principles to be followed in process arrangement

In the actual processing, the structure of the parts and the condition of the blanks should be arranged in the CNC machining process. It should also be considered according to the needs of positioning and clamping. The key point is to ensure that the rigidity of the workpiece is not damaged. Generally, it should be carried out in the following order:

1. The processing of the previous process in CNC machining cannot affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and it is also necessary to consider the general machine tool processing process interspersed in the middle.

2. In CNC machining, the inner shape and inner cavity processing process is carried out first, and then the outer shape processing process is carried out.

3. In CNC machining, it is best to connect the processes of processing with the same positioning, clamping method or the same tool, so as to reduce the number of repeated positioning, the number of tool changes and the number of times of moving the platen.

4. When multiple processes are performed in the same installation in CNC machining, the process that is less destructive to the rigidity of the workpiece should be arranged first.

Hope the above is helpful to you.

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