Four common type of flowers processing technology

Four common type of flowers processing technology

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The flowers are the mechanical process of rolling patterns in the hands of metal products or other working appearances. There are many ways to achieve the effect of rolling flowers. This article will take you the four most common of them, namely one -wheel/two -wheeled squeezing flowers, single -wheel/two -wheeled cutting rolling tools, clamp -pressed flowers, and three -wheel positioning straight rolling flowers.

1. One -wheel/two -wheel squeeze and rolling flowers

A single flower wheel squeeze straight roller pattern/mesh pattern is a traditional flower craft, similar to the printing of the seal. It is squeezed to the workpiece products with straight flowers/concave mesh rolling flowers, thereby forming rolling flowers.

In order to overcome the disadvantages of the limited process of processing and leading to the limited process of processing, the two -wheeled squeezing roller wheel appeared. This type of flower wheel uses two oblique rolling wheels on one left and right to improve the flexibility of processing.

Advantages: very simple and direct use, low installation difficulty, the lowest price is also the lowest

Disadvantages: (single -wheeled squeezing flowers) The mesh pattern that cannot be processed beyond the width of the flower wheel, the main damage of the main axis of the machine tool, and the effect of high -hardness materials in processing

2. Single -wheel/two -wheeled cutting rolling tool

In order to further enhance the effect of straight lines and flowers, improve the cleanliness and depth of flowers, and at the same time, we must take into account the protective machine tool. A single -wheel/two -wheeled cutting rolling tool appears. This cutting tool is not only a straight line, but also a single -sided oblique and mesh pattern.

Advantages: The processing effect is better than a single -wheeled, and the depth of smoothness has improved. At the same time, changes in the method of force can protect the machine tool from harm.

Insufficient: It is difficult to install. You need to adjust the kimo screws to reach the parallel of the flowers and the handle of the flower, otherwise the processing texture may be sloping.

3. Clawed flowers

Cutting pressure flowers are squeezed flowers in the process, but because the force is optimized, the stress of the main axis has been dispersed to both sides, thereby weakening the damage to the spindle. At the same time, reasonable stress can also become more stable and reliable when processing, thereby improving the quality and production efficiency of the product.

Clawing pressing flowers can be used to process straight lines and mesh. In order to ensure the stability of the pattern, many customers use a clamp -type pressure -rolling knife handle to install two straight -line flower wheels. This processing process has a high stability of straight lines and teeth processed, and the profile depth effect is better. You can even do a combined workpiece similar to gear.

Advantages: Protect the machine tool reduction of the spindle damage, high processing quality, small tooth tooth tolerance, and stable

Insufficient: Installation requires a certain professional skills, and you need to continue debugging during the trial process. There is a limit on the maximum diameter

4. Three -wheel positioning straight lines rolling flowers

Three -wheel positioning straight flowers are relatively high and precise flowing flowers. The processing principles are similar to clamp -type pressure flowers. However, because there are three flower wheels at the same time, the accuracy is higher than the flower methods introduced earlier. However, due to the limited adjustment of the regulation, the general processing outer diameter is very small.

Advantages: Protect the machine tool reduction of the spindle damage, high processing quality, high precision, and workpiece that can process very small diameter

Insufficient: You need to debug, and there is a maximum diameter limit.

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